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            Hi, this is Captain José Carlos Guevara. I am now working in Loong Air as A320 Captain. 
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            I would like to share with you about the wonderful experience I have in China as an airline pilot. After some contracts in South Asia, I decided to make China as my next destination. At the beginning I tried to look for the right agency that can put me on this track in the safest & fastest way. Also I would need the best support I could get since I needed to move to another country. After a few months of searching, I found the best option — Yufeng Consulting, who has accompanied me through my whole career in China.

            Why did I choose Yufeng? I needed an agency with good reputation in the aviation industry and Yufeng has the most experienced employees to help me. They provide so many useful tips and methods to help me achieving my goals. Both owners of Yufeng are experienced CAAC Pilots and this really matters since they know what we need most to become an excellent pilot in China. They told me how to behave, solved my problems, eased my concerns and set the target & goal for me each time.

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            Once I made the decision to hire Yufeng as my representative Agent in China, I was impressed by the outstanding service they provided to me. All the representatives and staff stayed with me and helped me through the whole procedures since the day I sent my application. It took me only 3 months for the process. That’s really beyond my imagination. Unlike the other agents, Yufeng always have everything well organized and send the right person to deal with the problems. After three months of working, guess what? I became a new foreign pilot in the newest and fastest developing airline industry in the world.

            Loong Air, based in the beautiful city of Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, is my destination.

            For me, moving to Loong Air is the best decision I have made in my life. Wait, maybe the second. The best will be choosing Yufeng.

            Why Loong Air ?


            First, every person from this company is super nice and kind. From the point I had my first interview with the head of pilots to the last training flight, all of them gave me a really warm and friendly welcome. They were always there to help me and ready to solve any problem regarding your training progress as well as anything related to your daily life. I really enjoy the friendly and professional work atmosphere there.

            After a short training period, I started joining normal flight schedules. It was at this moment that I made my decision – I wanted to move my family to China. Hangzhou is the best city all around the world for your family to live in. The whole city is full of modern technology. You can find the best international schools here along with beautiful neighborhoods all around the city. My family has been living in Hangzhou for more than 2 years and we still find something new and interesting everyday.

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            For me, I couldn’t ask more for my personal life. Deep thanks to Yufeng for their support and to Loong Air, the best airline in the world for me. Thanks to all who built this environment. Choose Yufeng and Loong Air, you won’t regret it.



            Capt. JC Guevara

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